How to aggregate data about research data – case Metax

As the national Open Science and Research initiative came to an end by December 2017, we already had a fantastic basis for national research data services in the form of the IDA storage service and Etsin research data finder among others. As the work now continues, we are enhancing, integrating and rebuilding the services to serve the needs for long-term preservation and national management of information data. The data service family will be called, alongside with the established service brands IDA and Etsin.

From this summer onwards, all research data metadata will be aggregated in a new national metadata repository called Metax, that will serve both the service package and the National Research Information Hub Tutkimustietovaranto. The aim is to harvest as many data archives as possible in order to provide the researchers with a good field agnostic data catalogue and a search tool. We want to harvest both the Finnish and the international sources. In addition, Metax and Etsin will serve as the master data catalogue and offer landing pages for the data stored and published in the services, both IDA and the long-term preservation.

We are blogging about the development process in Metax-Blog (mostly in Finnish, though). The data models (still under development) are published in the national services for interoperability. There are several application profiles in Metax since it consists of several catalogues. We also try to use as many kinds of reference data and persistent identifiers to be able to produce as good quality data as possible for the Research Information Hub and everybody else.

Jessica Parland-von Essen

The author is MetaX and Etsin product owner at CSC – research center for science

Metax-Blog can be read at

National service for interoperability available at


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